The New Standard in Whiteboard Solutions

Wallrite offers many and flexible customizable solutions for all types of rooms and needs both with our Wallrite Dry-erase surfaces and with our Wallrite Interactive System. Wallrite is the new standard!

Wallrite is the leading provider of flexible and customizable whiteboard solutions for all types of rooms. Whether you or your company is in need of our Wallrite Dry-erase surface our digital interactive system, we’ve got you covered. Let People Wallrite!

How do you want to write?

Since our start back in 2002, we’ve developed one of the most creative, unique and dynamic whiteboard concepts in all of Scandinavia. Not only is our customer base from Sweden Denmark Finland Norway & Iceland, we also have customers in almost all the four corners of the earth. With many exciting development projects in Turkey, Germany, the USA and the Middle East.

Let your ideas cover the walls

We want, to put it simply, let people see the writing on the wall (literally). And today that’s a sentiment many companies share with us today, especially with the rise of agile project management. The main tool of Agile development is the whiteboard, but the standard whiteboard concept has a major flaw. Flexibility.

Our concept is basically a whiteboard that can be rolled out on walls and cover the entire room. From floor to ceiling, from corner to corner.  It’s the ultimate and by far the most flexible tool for information and communication.

Unikt och dynamiskt whiteboard-koncept
Innovativa och kreativa whiteboardlösningar

Some selected cases

Wallrites projekt på Karolinska institutet

Karolinska Institutet

For the past two years, Wallrite has helped to develop “The Future Learning Environment”. By delivering and installing dry-erase whiteboard surfaces in varying lengths, from up to six meters in length, glued directly to the wall or mounted with powerful magnets.

Wallrites projekt på Istanbul living lab

Istanbul Living Lab

To simplify the collaborative processes between colleagues and in projects. Istanbul Living Lab has invested in four interactive whiteboards. These walls are used on a daily basis  for different types of meetings and workshops.

Wallrites projekt på Skanska


After a long and thorough development process, Skanska chose to invest in “76” Interactive Whiteboards of varying lengths. Which were then integrated into an advanced solution that included a video matrix from AMX.

Some of our customers

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