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An idea that became reality

Staffan Sahlén CEO

Our founder and CEO Staffan Sahlén started his career with his first company Sahlen-Projekt, running a successful interior design, project managing and business relocation operation.

But his entrepreneurial spirit could not be tamed as the company expanded into Europe, and the USA.  It was in the early 2000’s when Staffan was introduced to a new concept of a whiteboard-surface. It was easier to use, less fuss to install and transport.

The entrepreneurial spirit was lit again within Staffan as he saw the benefits that the old whiteboard system lacked. Flexibility! When the opportunity once came to market whiteboard surfaces in Scandinavia and the Baltics, he took the chance and founded Wallrite in 2002.

The interest for whiteboard wallpaper has grown with the popularity of agile project management that needs large spaces and areas to write on. And since 2010 Wallrite has expanded even further and has offices in Sweden, Germany and the USA.

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Staffan - CEO Wallrite
Wallrite Dry-erase in school

The environment

When our customers started to ask for “Wallrites” it only felt logical to name it  “Wallrite’s Whiteboard Wallpaper”. It’s not unusual for programmers within gaming or streaming services, nor the schools in various levels of academia to need space to write on. And with that increased demand, the standard of environmental sound increased from our customers.

And for that reason we’ve let our wallpaper go through rigorous environmental tests to make sure we have a sustainable and low impact on the environment. We’ve been certified by BREEAM Sundahus and BVB since a couple of years ago.

Our goal as a company is to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible and that’s environmentally friendly as possible without losing the functionality or quality!

The future

With our heads turned to the future, we seek to strive, to find, and never to yield. We work and place great focus to develop more eco-friendly products. And pride ourselves as the leading company for the most creatively unique and dynamic whiteboard concept on the Scandinavian market.

Wallrite is expanding and we have more and more customers from all around the world. In 2016 we formed Wallrite Germany as our base of operations for central Europe. And in 2019 Wallrite Co LLC opened up its doors to the office and the Showroom in Washington DC USA.

We strive and never yield into stagnation and we’re constantly working on developing new processes to improve our current products or come up with new innovations for whiteboards. Because progress is an ongoing process.

Wallrite manufactures and delivers environmentally approved dry-erase walls
Staffan Sahlén - CEO Wallrite

Staffan Sahlén

Anton Wallin - Installation Service Wallrite

Anton Wallin

Installation service +46 (8) 51 25 42 14

Susanne Borin

Susanne Borin

CEO Wallrite GBR Germany +49 170 28 21 904

About Wallrite Dry-erase


Today, more and more companies are working with the whiteboard as a tool in various Agile working methods. and has become the creative hub around the office. It is essential when collaborating, sharing knowledge, and communicating and generate new ideas.

Wallrite Dry-erase can be rolled out on walls and cover entire rooms, from floor to ceiling, from corner to corner, it is the ultimate and by far the most flexible tool for information and communication.

It is available. It is easy to get information out quickly. It encourages communication and thus generates new ideas.


In order to enhance the user’s experience, we made the whiteboard more flexible and enlarged the surface. Based on our passion for shaping creative rooms, we started developing new kinds of whiteboard walls, including both interactive and analog.


Our Environment and our Planet is more than ever important to take care of. Our concept is therefore sustainable in order to minimize our footprint in nature.

Our Environment and our Planet is more than ever important to take care of. Our concept is therefore sustainable in order to minimize our footprint in nature.

Wallrite Dry-erase is environmentally certified by BREEAM, SundaHus and BVB and it is completely recyclable.

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