Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint has a great magnetic force that suits anyone perfectly for those who want to avoid damage to their wall. Instead of using nails or other things that can leave marks. Can you let one of the basic forces of physics set up and keep your:

  • Lists of random and structured notes
  • Pictures of family, cats & dogs
  • Posters of you favourite show or movie
  • And so much more that needs to be on the wall

If you do a combination with our Whiteboard paint, you can make the whiteboard wall magnetic. This is a metal paint that can be easily applied to any vertical surface. You can keep the color as it is or paint over with regular paint. The magnetic force is so strong that you can easily put over any sort of  wallpaper. Then just attach the magnets directly to the wall and see them stay.

What our magnetic paint is made out of

There is a difference between our magnetic color and a regular base color. In principle, they work just the same, grab a brush and put on an even layer. But our magnetic paint is a latex and water based primer. Add to that it’s also one of the strongest magnetic colors on today’s market.

Because the paint is latex-based it has a higher viscosity compared to regular wall paint. Which is good to keep in mind when you start painting.

The color can be said to consist of the opposite pole of the magnet and once the color is dried, the surface is magnetically activated. 70% of the base color consists of metal and the increased density makes it weigh a lot more then regular wall paint.

Where Can I use Magnetic Paint?

In principle, like our whiteboard paint, any smooth surface can be painted with magnetic paint. But it is best if the surface to be used is vertical. Just wallpaper the smooth wall with plain wallpaper. Or paint the wall it in a your desired color. Now you can set up:

  • Pictures
  • Clipping
  • Drawings
  • Messages
  • Even paintings

With the help of magnets alone, you avoid ugly holes or marks in the wall, the magnetic color is also not visible through ordinary wallpaper.

Coverage and strength of magnetic paint

After painting with Wallrite’s magnetic paint, you can choose whether you want to wallpaper over or paint over it. Or just leave the magnetic color as it is. If you combine the magnetic color with the whiteboard color, you have a golden opportunity to get a magnetic whiteboard wall.

The amount of color is and in relation to weight and sqm, for example 0.5 liters is enough for 1 sqm.

So the size and weight of the color will be:

  • 1 liter is enough for 2 sqm and weighs 2.4 kg
  • 2.5 liters is enough for sqm and weighs 6 kg
  • 5 liters is enough for sqm and weighs 12 kg

It is also possible to increase the strength of the magnet function. The more layers of magnetic paint that are painted on, the stronger the magnetic field will be. We recommend using neodymium magnets, as they have a stronger force compared to other magnets on the market. We also have a large assortment of such magnets.

If you want to know more or have more questions, you can contact Wallrite via email chat or phone and we will tell you more about our magnetic paint.

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