Wallrite Premium Dry Erase Pens

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Dry Erase products. They also work well on Wallrite Whiteboard paint. We sell them in sets of four: red, green, blue and black, or in sets of four pens in the same color.


Our dry erase pens are especially designed for our Wallrite Dry Erase products and of course work well on Wallrite Whiteboard paint as well.

We sell them in 4-sets (red, green, blue, black). You can also buy 4-sets with only one color.

How to use our dry erase pens

The dry erase pens must first be shaken with the lid on. Then, press the pen against a piece of paper until the writing tip is filled with color. You may then begin writing and drawing.

It is important to always put the lid on the pen when not in use. Hang it on the wall with the help of our neat cloth holder, which can be purchased either with a magnetic plate on the back or with a self-adhesive back.

A cleaning fluid is always good to have on hand residue lingers on the board. Accessories that can be good to have close at hand include microfiber cloths, which we sell in pairs (one yellow and one black).

Magic Erasers work well. Cloth holder to put on the whiteboard wall either with a magnetic plate or with self-adhesive pen holder to put your pens in. There is also room for the cleaning fluid. The pen holder has a self-adhesive tape and sits nicely on the whiteboard wall.

Wallrite Premium Dry Erase Pens are available in 5-sets and they work well even if you want to be able to write on glass and metal.

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