Cleaning Fluid

AZOR Cleaning Fluid is specially made for dry erase surfaces.

This cleaning fluid is an antibacterial liquid in a practical pump bottle with a pleasant orange aroma.


Our selected cleaning fluid for Whiteboard

We have selected this cleaning fluid for our Wallrite Dry Erase prodcuts because it contains no corrosive chemicals and is antibacterial. If you spray a cleaning liquid containing chemicals on a Wallrite Dry Erase product, the chemicals can corrode the surface and render it unusable.

This cleaning fluid is alcohol based and antibacterial, which means that the surface is clean without being destroyed by chemicals. The fragrance is also pleasant (a hint of orange), unlike many cleaning solutions.

Use during the pandemic

Keep in mind that this cleaning fluid is antibacterial. If the surface is used daily, clean the surface daily. Normally this is not necessary but since we live in a time where a virus is our biggest enemy, we should do everything to keep ourselves and our things clean.

If you give the surface a small shower of cleaning fluid and then wipe it off with the microfiber cloth or the miracle sponge, residue disappears instantly. 

If the surface has become stained with adhesive tape or if you happen to write on it with a permanent pen, then spray some cleaning liquid, rub with the miracle sponge or microfibre cloth and it will also disappear. You may want to rub a little extra and then wipe with a damp cloth.

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