Wallrite Dry-Erase Self-adhesive

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Wallrite Dry-Erase Self-adhesive whiteboard is environmentally certified. The adhesive backing permanently attaches to smooth surfaces such as cabinet doors, doors, tables and the like.

Choose glossy or matte finish, and if you need a magnetic function. It is available in widths of 120 cm and 150 cm and you can buy it in full lengths from 1 m up to 30 meters.

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Product Price

Best environmental selection

Wallrite Dry-erase Self-adhesive Whiteboard we have for the environment developed and now produce ourselves. Our goal is for our customers to have the opportunity to make a wise environmental choice, which is why all our Wallrite’s are environmentally certified. At BREEAM as well as at BVB Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus, all technical environmental data is available and in this way all technical information about our whiteboard wallpapers is available to those who need and are interested. 

Surface / Back – Self-adhesive 

Wallrite Dry-erase Self-adhesive Whiteboard 

The adhesive backing permanently attaches to smooth surfaces such as doors, cabinets, tables and other smaller surfaces. For larger surfaces, we recommend Wallrite Dry-Erase Nonwoven, with a non-woven backing for durability

Wallrite Dry-erase Self-adhesive Samples – order here!

Surface / Front  – Glossy or Matte

Choose between a glossy or matte surface. The glossy surface reflects light in a completely different way than in comparison with a matte surface. If you have a room with bright light and / or want to project on the surface then you should therefore choose the matte surface. Both the glossy and the matte surface are convenient to write on.

Surface / Front – Colored

All our Wallrite’s are white, but they can also be ordered in exactly the color you want. Since we manufacture colored Wallrite’s only to order, it is easiest to order by contacting us.

Function – Magnetic or Non magnetic

Select Magnetic if you want to be able to attach magnets to the surface. If you do not need magnetism, choose Non-magnetic.

Width & Length

Choose between two different widths: 120 cm and 150 cm
Choose lengths from 1 meter up to 30 meters.

You can read about our Environment and Environmental Policy here.

Creative Design

We have a good team with skilled interior designers who are happy to help with both good advices and with the design of rooms.

Do you need help choosing?

Materials and Recommendations is a document that you can download and read when you have thoughts about what length or width you need, or what type of Wallrite you should choose? We are of course happy to answer your questions directly if you call, want to chat or email.

Shipping and delivery

We deliver within 5 working days. During the pandemic we can not leave guarantees though.


We assemble

We offer installation services if you need help with that. Surely you may need answers to questions about dimensions and quantity, therefore you should contact us. We are available on the chat but you can also call or email us.

You assemble yourself

If you prefer to install yourself, and since we want you to achieve the best possible result, you should download and read our Assembly instructions


User guide 

We recommend that you download our User Guide, print it out and then display it nearby once the product is mounted on the wall. Make sure the user guide is visible and accessible. Here are all the tips you need to take care of your Wallrite product.

Care and maintenance

Microfibre Cloth

For daily cleaning, use a Microfiber cloth. Has your Wallrite product not been cleaned in a long time? Moisten the cloth with a little water and rub if necessary. 

AZOR Cleaning Fluid 

If someone happened to write on it with a permanent marker, AZOR Cleaning fluid on the microfibre cloth can also help. If the surface is in use of more than one person, this antibacterial Cleaning fluid helps against the spread of viruses. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning, insofar as they can dissolve the surface and make it unusable.

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