Whiteboard Paint

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This paint makes it possible to write and draw on walls and other surfaces such as doors and tables. The paint can be both rolled and spray painted. Primer first with a white primer, then paint over it with whiteboard paint. Choose between SMALL covering 1.5 sqm, MEDIUM covering 4.5 sqm and LARGE covering 10 sqm.


You can paint whiteboard paint on surfaces you want to be able to draw and write on and work great on surfaces such as cabinet doors, desks, pillars, glass walls etc:

Three different sizes

S – Small covering 1.5 sqm M – Medium covering 4.5 sqm L – Large covering 10 sqm

All packaging has the following content

  • Bag
  • Bag B
  • 1 x bucket
  • 1 x mixer stick
  • 1 x masking tape – M&L contains 2 rolls
  • 1 x gloves
  • 1 x tape measure
  • 1 x whiteboard pen – M&L contains 8 pens
  • 1 x cleaning sponge
  • 1 x description
  • 1 x roller
  • 1 x painting instruction

Prepare the surface

We want you to achieve the best results. The smoother the surface you are able to write on, the smoother your whiteboard surface will be. Is the surface rough? Then you have to sand away the knobs. To prevent the whiteboard paint from being absorbed by the substrate, we recommend that you paint the surface with a white primer.

Magnify the surface

First paint the surface with Wallrite Magnetic paint. It is black, and the metal shavings in the magnetic paint can make the substrate uneven. Therefore, the surface must be sanded when the magnetic paint has dried. When the surface is smooth and fine again, paint with a white primer and finish with whiteboard paint – White.

Whiteboard pens, wipes and care advice

Most whiteboard pens on the market work well. Feel free to wipe with a microfiber cloth or a miracle sponge. Clean the surface frequently with clean water on the microfiber cloth or if it has been left standing for a long time, preferably with a cleaning Spray.

About Whiteboard Color – White

The color is water-based, does not smell strongly. To paint the paint, follow the instructions provided.


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