Whiteboard paint

Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint transforms ordinary surfaces into productive write-on/wipe-off areas. With Whiteboard Paint corporations you can create spaces to plan and brainstorm, collaborate, and innovate.

Use our Whiteboard Paint to turn offices into collaborative workspaces. Foster creativity and teamwork by using Whiteboard Paint in board rooms, meeting rooms, and staff areas.

Or, think out of the box and apply the whiteboard paint to lockers, corridors, or lunch rooms. Our low odour and nontoxic whiteboard paint even allows for application in occupied spaces.

The Whiteboard Paint transforms surfaces into traditional whiteboards.

Whiteboard Paint Transparent

Whiteboard Paint Transparent has no color at all, therefore, first paint the surface with the color you want the whiteboard wall to have. Then paint the wall with the Whiteboard Paint Transparent.

If you want the surface to be magnetic, start to paint the wall with Magnetic Paint.

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